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You deserve the best

I am passionate about what I do and how I do it.

With our expertise, personal fashion can be so much more than a nip and a tuck.

The inspiration in my designs are unorthodox, I like to blend femininity with a strong demeanor. Couture techniques always amazed me. The craft and the high quality of construction, which I bring to my garments.

The name of my brand is Ad’Ann Designs, which is a mix of my name Adan and my mother’s middle name Ann. My aspirations are to make exclusive high-end custom pieces for clients. No matter what gender, size, and sexuality. I want everyone to have the opportunity to represent their best and beautiful self. I want to inspire others to do what they have passion for because it’s never a waste of time

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As seen on the cover of Pump Magazine and other publications like Mob Journal, Vigour Magazine and Top Shot Magazine

And many more International Publications.

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